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The tremendous volume of data generated in this internet era resulted in the advanced development of Analytics subject.  Analytics turned out to be a valuable option for decision making in many such complicated businesses.   


DART believes in the core values of integrity, industry, and innovation which leads to the overall satisfaction of all stakeholders of DART.

We specialize in providing Business, Information, and Technology Services (BIT Services).  We help our clients excel in whatever they do, and help them reaching new levels of success.  Our business services including data and research services.  Information services focus on disseminating publicly available information in an organized manner as per clients’ requirements.  DART’s Technology group develops tools to support businesses as well as work on client projects.

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Case Study – AdWords for Coupon Sites When coupons and competitions sites were at the height of the business during 2011, DART was approached by the promoter of competition website from Australia. The client platform provides variety of online competitions like car competitions, holiday competitions, cash competitions, etc. The competitions offering prizes including BBQ's, cosmetics, baby gear, shopping vouchers, cookware, fashion, appliances, hair care, and much more. More than 300 competitions are listed on the website. Each competition provides details of prizes to be won, end date, how to enter etc. Problems The entrepreneur was facing increasing competition in the market with ever increasing cost per conversion. The prime metrics in competition and coupon sites is the cost per conversion. The moment the cost per conversion goes up the profit starts dwindling. Methodologies In order to achieve the goal of bringing down the cost per conversion, DART analyzed the website, keywords and ads of the client website. After a detailed performance analysis our Analysts have identified that there is a need to add more variations of keywords and ads should reflect the offerings as well. Also, there was a need to add more negative keywords to bring down loss of clicks due to irrelevant keywords. DART introduced optimized ads, and did other in house developed optimization processes which resulted in lowering the CPC. The new ads were tested and introduced. The poor performing ads were deleted. The entire ad campaign was restructured. DART enabled conversion tracking for three types of conversions: sales, catalogue requests and contact forms. Results The efforts made by DART brought tremendous results. We could bring down the cost per conversion to $.79 from $1.11 in the first month of account management due to the right strategies introduced. Details are as follows; DART Analysts managed the account for a period of one year and brought substantial saving to the company. The client opened a series of coupon and promotion sites during the period, and thus DART could contribute well to the success of the venture. DART’s AdWords Services DART provides effective AdWords account management services that help lower the CPC. promoted by DART is a Google Partner in online promotion. Details of our partnership can be found at;idtf=09893822702157207051; DART provides expert keyword research services and has an in-house developed optimization process. Continuous research work is carried out to provide better services. A dedicated Analyst team for PPC campaigns includes both technology and domain experts.



DART provides multiple services such as business research, management consulting, technology solutions, and outsourcing services to clients across the globe.  We are well equipped to provide services in all above mentioned areas.  Business services include data research, business profiling, industry forecast, and publication of industry specific reports.  We have expertise in disseminating publicly available information in an organized manner per clients’ requirements.  DART’s Technology group develops tools to support office management as well as work on client’s projects.  The service provided by DART is known as BIT (Business Services, Information Services and Technology Services) Services. 

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Global Service Provider

The ever-changing technology has impacted global economies much beyond to anybody’s imagination.  1970’s witnessed the greatest revolution of internet, and changed the mode of business operations by the beginning of 2000.   Internet revolution brought computing power to desktop, then to laptop and further to tablet & smart phones.  Services which were thought to be delivered across the desk were shifted to online quite unknowingly, and thereafter to cloud in another short period of time.    Smartphones brought digitalization closer to people.  Widespread adoption of social and mobile technology impacted customer, employees, and stakeholders interactions across world.

This has resulted in the re-engineering of business processes which opened up new avenues to run organizations effectively.  A more connected marketplace has emerged which made managing businesses more interesting, and resulted in the emergence of innovative solutions. Concurrently, there emerged an option to utilize global service providers to improve the business processes.  Other than software application and development, many of the associated tasks started crossing geographical boundaries, and a new trend has emerged to scout for best talent at optimum price.  DART identified this opportunity and opened up new avenues for business houses.  DART turned out to be one such service providers with superior quality of services.  We provide services to clients across the globe from Oceana to North America. 


Hosting Services

Hosting Services


 Hosting is the process of providing or publishing or uploading the website in a space on the World Wide Web with a web hosting service, thus providing website  access to internet users.  It includes registering your domain, hosting your website, and keeping your website available online 24X7.  In web hosting services, your websites are stored in web servers or data centers.  When a user types your web address, the internet connection in the user’s computer connects to the web server holding your website files, after which your website access and pages are transferred or transported to the user’s computer so that the user can access your website.  The different kinds of web hosting are Shared Web Hosting, Website Builder, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting.

We manage shared hosting servers, and provide support to ensure software, security, speed, and the required bandwidth.  We provide domain registration, fast and affordable hosting services, 99.9% uptime, and 24X7 technical support.  We do not have any hidden charges or extra fees.  We provide a control panel to our clients, from where you can control your web domain. 

Highlights of our services are

  • 99.99% uptime.
  • Latest technologies where in your website will be protected via Firewall, and will be run on  the latest web servers.
  • CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and more.
  • Includes email, FTP, and sub-domains.
  • Free Control Panel, Database Manager, Add-on/Parked Domain.
  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, and database transfer.
  • Upgradation management.
  • Instant activation.
  • Simple, relevant and attractive domain names.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • 24X7 technical support through phone or help desk.
  • No hidden charges or extra fees.
  • 14 day money back guarantee.