About Us

DART Info Services Private Limited was launched as an information services provider and online marketing company.  The company was promoted by Jijo John, a Bangalore based entrepreneur in 2004.  The rise of online services has been the driving force for the company to venture into business research, and subsequently into digital marketing.  Later, the company promoted DART Consulting as a Consulting & Advisory Services firm in the year 2007, and launched backofficeservices in 2012, a collaborative platform to provide business support services.  To publish and promote industry reports DART opened up  marketsandreports in 2014.

DART Consulting provides Business Research, Analytics, Data Research, and Technology Research services.  Prominent service offering from DART are preparation of business plans, market research reports, data research reports, and technology research reports.  Our endeavor in most of the research related engagements is to empower the organizations with crucial information related to competitive intelligence, market research, qualitative research and data analytics.

In the year 2008, DART consolidated its digital and online marketing services under the banner Adsonsearches. AdsOnSearches is a Google Certified Partner, and the team consists of experienced professionals who can provide digital marketing services to get the best result out of the online budget.

DART launched backofficeservices as a separate entity to provide shared support services to its various clients.Clients can closely oversee the project progress through this platform, and every month new clients are brought under this service.

PRNews Services serves as information service provider. marketsandreports is an online platform to promote market and industry analysis reports.  DART is on its way to launching a major big data platform as part of being an information provider.  A slew of unique services will be unveiled along with DART’s big data project.  

We are based in Bangalore, India.  DART provides quality and consistent services to its clients and users.  We offer high quality output at a fraction of the cost compared to many similar providers in India.  We have a well-defined process to ensure that we comply with data security and confidentiality requirements.  DART has many satisfied clients who can attest the quality of our services.  DART’s business model is focused on providing competitively priced, top quality services in a consistent manner.  

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