Digital Marketing Strategies


The digital world has pushed most of the business to seek the help of experts in planning for digital spending.  This is due to the fact that online promotions have become a major portion of promotional spends of most of the businesses now.

DART formulates online promotional strategies for organizations.  DART creates an optimum online promotional mix that will help organizations achieve maximum targeted traffic in the least possible costs.  Our Digital Marketing Analysts perform initial research, understand the business, and the promotional goals before going ahead with the digital marketing research.  After such an in depth research, DART Analysts help create an optimum digital marketing plan.  Highlights of the digital marketing strategies are as follows;


  • Analyze competitors online promotion mix,
  • Understand the target audience for your organization,
  • Communicate your brand image,
  • Formulate a web promotion plan,
  • Suggest an effective web design and development strategy based on the plan,
    Generally, the following are a few of the strategies suggested by our team;
  • SEO to achieve higher rankings
  • Targeted email marketing to reach the right audience
  • Content improvement of website, adding keywords to enrich content, appealing images, and attractive visuals
  • Write and publish articles, blogs, news, press releases, interviews, branding programs, support to social causes, events etc.
  • Search engine ads based on the industry and geography.
  • Placing advertisements on various popular sites and industry specific directories.
  • Build up social media profile.
  • Post videos, audios, articles etc. on social media.
  • Encourage shares, tweets, comments, likes on social media.
  • Issue discount coupons, offers, free gifts and deals online.
  • Run online contests.
  • Post polls and surveys online.


DART places importance on the tracking of all online campaigns periodically and makes assessment of the periodical promotions.  Periodic website updates in comparison with competitors, improving the site navigation and structure are a few other strategies generally suggested as part of digital marketing strategies.

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