Back Office Services


DART offers variety of services to clients.  Most of these services run for beyond a year’s time.  There are many clients who hire DART for a set of services.  To meet the demand of such clients, DART came up with an interactive platform Backofficeservices to manage their services with DART.

The back office service is a substitute for phone calls and emails, where there is no need for clients to separately make a call or email to interact with the Project Lead.  This collaborative platform provide all information to client o know the status of  their projects.

All our clients get free online access to the back office domain.  The back office service allows clients to review the progress made on the project, the project timelines, and the payment schedules.  Clients can post comments, give feedback, and can suggest changes to the project, etc.  Clients can also interact with our Project Managers as and when needed. 

Clients have the option to choose from one time cost payment or per hourly basis payment.   Payment for All Services can be done through Backoffice Services by wire transfer, or PayPal or credit card.  Each client’s payment terms will be decided based on hours work with us.  

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