Article Promotion

Writing article on a periodical basis helps business to stand out and communicate with your customers about your products/services.  Article which focus on the features of any specific set of products or services is very common and the users of such product/services used to rely on such articles.  Thus, article writing helps promote your business among the target users.  Writing and posting article about your products or company will project your business in a different light.  It shows that your company is socially aware and also available on the web. 

DART provides article writing and promotion services through the platform Find Articles .  You can write articles about your company on relevant and related topics.  You can post such articles on the article site.  DART provides SEO services to promote the article on the web.  When readers access the website, they read the article, or when readers search for related keywords in search engines, they find the article in top search ranks.  DART also distributes your articles in other websites, and also take up quality link building to promote such articles.  Regular posting of fresh articles on current matters is very important, as it shows that your company is active and aware.  The article will also be made available on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  DART’s article promotion provides the following benefits;–

  • Attracting more visitors to your website, thus generating constant and free traffic
  • Establishing a good brand image of your company, and thus increasing your brand credibility
  • Building your website link popularity, thus increasing the rank of your website in search engines
  • Generating actual sales for your products



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