Social Media Optimization


Social media promotion is a content driven web marketing method to increase website traffic.  Social media optimization provides additional web presence to create customized web pages for information dissemination, and thus engage the web pages with current and potential customers.  Social media, if used effectively, can improve the website’s search results considerably.  The ideal social media promotional methods include connecting with people on social media, and showcasing brand products and services or events on social media to keep the targeted population engaged.

We help organizations in formulating a cohesive SMO strategy to create brand awareness, and drive visitors to the website.

DART employs the following golden rules to improve the organization’s SMO :


  • Building organization’s reputation in the web.
  • Creating appealing content in the social media platforms to engage visitors.
  • Highlighting the organizations strengths and achievements.
  • Showcasing the organization’s leadership qualities.
  • Making the organization popular in the news and media.
  • Making the elements of social media like tagging, sharing, bookmarking easy.
  • Allowing content in the form of videos, PDFs, and audios to be accessible on the web.
  • Syndicating the brand content through RSS.
  • Posting blogs on current issues on the website.


After understanding client’s business objectives, we promote products, services, ideas, experiences, events, people, and other relevant information in a customized manner on relevant social media platforms.  We take up social media promotion on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+.  On Facebook, we create an exclusive page for the organization and promote such pages.  We post tweets carrying the latest news and happenings of the organization on Twitter.  LinkedIn will be used to promote the business page, people working in the organization, and the latest job openings.  On YouTube we post videos related to the organization.  We can set up professional blogs, and build community forums.  We highlight the latest news and press releases section, and make it more accessible on the web.


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