Web Analytics


Web Analytics is the science about the performance of websites, and analyzing data related to visitors to a website and the behavior of such web visitors.  The increased competition in the internet world made it almost compulsory for most of the commercial websites to go for web analytics technology. 

Our Analysts help in tracking and analyzing the behavior of each and every visitor to the website.  Our analytics team will help in understanding what is more popularly clicked on the website and what isn’t.  We will let the client know the geographical location of visitors, which pages they have visited, how long they stay on the website, what they buy, and the frequency of their visit to the website.  This will help the organization in improving customer experience, and recording a higher conversion rate.  We also implement tools to track likes on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.  Our team has expertise in defining professional promotional strategy for making most out of the online spending.  Web strategy used to be defined based on the past performance, and performing the competitors’ web analysis.

We provide customized web analytic services.  We analyze promotional objectives, goals defined, and the existing web strategies during such process.  Thereafter, we formulate web strategies to improve the website’s performance.  Such web strategies will be formulated with measurable variables which will allow us to measure the progress, and assess the performance based on such defined performance indicators.  The measurable variables used to be the hits, click paths, page views, top entry, exit pages, visits, and unique visitors.  Our Web Analysts will continuously monitor the progress to measure the growth in traffic inflow to the website and provide periodical suggestions to bring more qualified visitors to the site.

Our main services are as follows:

  • Analysis of the website.
  • Setting up goals.
  • Implementation of conversion tracking.
  • Optimizing online promotion.
  • Content optimization.
  • Visitor profiling.
  • Visitor behavior trend analysis



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