Business Plan


Business Plans are important for new ventures as well as for established businesses.  A business plan helps assess the viability of a new venture, and also helps modify strategies according to the initial findings.  A business plan is a good tool for an established business to drive its business in the right direction to move further.  The business plan gives directions to the top management to fix the targets for its business divisions.

DART has completed numerous business plans and has prepared plan for multiple industries.  DART provides customized business plans as well as helps client to complete partially done business plans.  The reports will be rich in content, with relevant facts and figures for a potential investor to assess the viability of a project.  The team at DART has expertise in providing detailed analysis of the market for a product or service.  The reports typically include all the sections that will help the venture to receive the requisite loan or venture capital funding.  The reports carry an in-depth analysis of various aspects of the business.  The business plan mostly covers the following chapters.

  • Market analysis of the proposed regions in which the company is expected to operate.
  • Demographic profiles of the target customers.
  • Detailed analysis of the economy and the industry, including industry trends analysis, future projections, SWOT analysis, PEST analysis and more.
  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Goals & objectives, management structure, and organization structure.
  • Business model, Pricing, and Revenue sources.
  • Risk analysis,
  • Financial projections and modeling.





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