Search Engine Optimization(SEO)


Search engine optimization or SEO entails increasing the number of visitors to a website by obtaining high ranks in the search results page.  The popular search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo in addition to another set of search engines focusing on different segments.  SEO ensures that the website is accessible in searches, and also improves the chances of the website appearing in the top positions of search pages when users search for keywords entered in the search box.

DART’s SEO services ensure:


  • Optimized keywords in Meta heads.
  • Higher search engine rankings.
  • Increased traffic.
  • Higher brand awareness.
  • Improved website access and performance.
  • Simple HTML website structure with Rich Snippet and Markup Generator.

DART SEO Services include initial website consultation in order to understand the specific requirements, and provide suggestions for improvement.  We strive to understand the goal of the web pages with reference to business objectives, and formulate strategies according to industry trends.  We conduct keyword research and formulate a keyword rich content strategy.  We also modify Meta headings per search engine rules and increase link popularity using the anchor text methods.  Our Analysts track the progress at regular intervals, and fine tune the campaign to increase the traffic.  We prepare status report every week, and update the client with verifiable data to track the benefit out of SEO Services. 

We have executed numerous projects and have gained immense knowledge on the subject.  Our SEO team adopts ethical methodologies to promote the website in search engines.  On a regular basis, we look for newer methodologies to improve rankings in accordance with the change in algorithm of search engines.

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