E-commerce Site Maintenance


DART provides e-commerce site maintenance services in addition to promoting e-commerce website. Most of the e-commerce websites require daily maintenance to get better results out of the portals.

DART provides cost effective ecommerce site maintenance services. DART provides daily maintenance as well as periodical update and thus assures full time support to e-commerce sites. Site maintenance includes revising, editing and updating the contents of the site, and redesigning the pages in addition to the routine tasks associated with an e-commerce site. DART provides regular search engine listing services to bring the e-commerce website ranks higher in search engines compared to competitors. We provide the required technical support which includes removing glitches, updating non-working links, and regularly testing your website. We also offer software upgrades and we also streamline servers and processes. We also provide you with a backup of your online data.

Our e-commerce site maintenance services will ensure that

  • Up to date and relevant content is available on your website
  • Website is modern and updated with the latest technologies and advanced third party solutions
  • Website is always available and functioning online
  • Traffic statistics will be made available, so you can check your website progress
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