eBiz Services E-commerce has become a fad in the world. It came much later to India, and the trend of e-commerce caught up with Indians even much later. E-commerce has become a growing business opportunity for players in India, with numerous small to mid-sized firms opening up e-commerce business ventures. The technology division of DART which provides e-Biz services, that includes e-commerce site promotion as well as maintenance. DART has gathered much expertise in this line over the years. DART adopts a variety of techniques to promote your e-commerce website online. DART Analysts believe that developing an e-commerce website is not enough but need to be designed focusing on the target market. An e-commerce website needs to be promoted online, as only that will ensure it is available for visitors online. Developing a unique and cost effective promotional strategy that includes a unique promotional mix comes easily to DART. We at DART continuously monitor and track your promotion performance, and accordingly we keep making changes to your promotional mix. We believe in using social media to the maximum to reach out to your target audience. E-commerce site maintenance is a regular activity, as changes in the products and services needs to be updated on the website daily. DART undertakes dedicated e-commerce website maintenance.

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