Analytics is considered very interesting and exciting.  In the information age, there is vast amount of data available in the market.  Data become useful once it is properly structured and analyzed.  Ongoing computerization has resulted in accumulation of huge volume of data in various data storages.  As days go by we will end up piling up data in huge volumes.  The right usage of the data will differentiate successful companies from others.  Companies generally do not have the time or expertise to sift information out from the huge volumes of data.  It is a practice to hire professionals who specialize in data analytics to collect data, and translate this to meaningful and relevant analysis, which will help the company plan it promotional and service strategies.

DART has developed expertise in providing next generation analytical solutions to clients.  Our vision is to help companies take efficient and effective business decisions, increase the volume of their sales, increase their customer base, and increase their geographical presence.  We advise clients on various aspects of their business.  We offer well-researched guidance to our clients so that they expand and grow in newer markets, deepen their ties with the supply chain partners, enhance their effectiveness in their business processes, and reduce their input costs.

We adopt a data driven approach.  Our Analytics team undertakes in depth data mining and data collection, by adopting the latest techniques.  After collecting relevant facts and data, the team undertakes an analysis of the data to and interprets it.  This is presented to the client in a report.  Our analysts understand the business objectives help provide the best solution under each circumstance.

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