Global Service Provider

There is a greater integration of global economies due to the technological revolution of recent years.  The internet revolution which began during the 1970s has changed the way traditional businesses operate.  This has opened up many new avenues for business houses and many global service providers have emerged.  With the advent of the internet, the computer has evolved from a desktop to laptop and then tablet.  Smartphones have helped people embrace digitalization.

Companies are increasingly adopting innovative methods to bring competencies, and exploring global business opportunities.  Many of the services which were thought to be delivered across the desk have moved online and to further cloud base.  The re-engineering of business processes has resulted in the opening up of new avenues in order to run organizations effectively.  Concurrently, there emerged an option to utilize global service providers to improve business processes.  Other than software application and development, many of the associated tasks have crossed geographical boundaries, and a new trend has emerged to scout for best talent at optimum price globally.


Global companies are increasingly approaching multiple service providers who possess deep understanding of economies and businesses.  DART has scaled up to the occasion, and has turned out to as a global business center.  We understand your business model, industry, country, and your customer.  We help formulating appropriate business strategies.  We provide cost effective solutions by engaging talented resources and utilizing their skills effectively.  

The team at DART has developed a keen understanding of how global businesses operate, and possesses the requisite knowledge of what the business environment of various countries is like.  We undertake in-depth research of economies, industries and markets of countries around the world as part of client projects.  At DART, we understand the dynamics of the ever changing consumer trends of countries around the globe.  We support a large number of global clients from the United States of America, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.

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