Lead Generation


Lead Generation services help organizations create more qualified sales leads, improve the quality of potential buyers, and increase conversion rates during the promotional process, and further during the sales cycle.  Qualified leads connect organizations with their potential customers at a faster pace.  The world of internet has opened up numerous methods to reach out to potential customers, and analyze their behaviors.  This has led to the increased usage of technology in lead generation.  Thus, the science of lead generation became a separate topic with the associated technology and analytics as part of Lead Generation.

DART’s lead generation services help organizations to


  • Increasing sales and revenue
  • Reducing costs per sales
  • Reducing time spent on unproductive sales leads
  • Closing deals faster

By engaging our services, clients can save on employee costs on their payroll, which otherwise they would need to impart the updated training for this specific process.  Clients can also save on capital costs of setting up the requisite technology.  Our analysts will ensure that the clients who take up our lead generation services will have a competitive edge in the market place.  Our lead generation team generates new sales leads at a faster pace.  It is common for most companies to set up sales team but do not keep trained staff in generating leads as it is  difficult to source such talents from the open market.  Generally, the sales team does not possess the knowledge to source such leads.

DART helps clients in sourcing such leads at a very competitive rate.  DART’s lead generation services include services such as generating qualified leads through SEO, email marketing, newsletter promotion, social media, direct email, paid advertisement along with a few more in-house developed methodologies.  Good quality sales lead generation help clients spend more time in following up with such leads while being worry free about sourcing new leads.

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