PPC Management


Pay-per-click or PPC means that advertisers pay the ads providers only when a user clicks on the ads which result in a visit to the website.  While users search for products/services in a search engine, ads related to the searched keyword appear on the right side of the search engine’s results page.  Once the ads are clicked by such user then the advertiser will be charged for that particular click.  This method is known as Pay-per-click.

Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing as well as popular social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have adopted the Pay-per-click methods.  It is a win-win situation for the buyer of ads space since the payment to the ads provider is very closely linked with the performance of the ads.  The PPC model provides better user experience to visitors as well since they will be shown ads related to their search term only.  However, this will turn out to be expensive, if advertisers do not know how to set up and manage such ad campaigns.  The PPC promotion is run by the ads provider on the bidding model where advertisers continuously fight for the top spot with higher bid offering.  Well optimized accounts are rewarded with lower pricing.  Hence, it is important to optimize the ads and supporting keywords.  We are a Google AdWords Partner Company.  We offer PPC account setup, keyword research, optimization, management, and training.  We help organizations in achieving top spot in Google search for the most appropriate keywords according to each product/service.  DART helps organizations in achieving higher clicks at the lowest possible prices, and drive website traffic and sales.  We take up content optimization with keyword rich content, campaign optimization, and ad copy writing to gain maximum out of each of the click.

DART’s PPC services help in


  • Increasing the right flow of traffic to the website.
  • Reaching prospective clients at all stages of the buying cycle.
  • Engaging with targeted audience.
  • Providing optimum exposure to the products and services.
  • Offering customized messages to the visitors, increasing conversions.
  • Framing online or offline ad strategy with optimum keywords.
  • Preparing website content, and testing website pages.
  • Targeting mobile devices.
  • Setting up a targeted ad campaign.
  • Suggesting campaign improvements from time to time.


DART offers PPC account set up, PCC account analysis, PPC bid management and provide professional reports on periodical basis to help the client to plan.


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