Website Development


E-commerce websites essentially mean online stores.  Online shoppers can buy a host of products from these e-commerce websites.  While shopping online, shoppers can view the product images, see the prices, colors which are available.  The potential buyers can compare products with similar kinds of products before making the final purchase decision.  E-commerce websites includes shopping cart, payment gateways, security checks, third party integrations, order management, shipment management, customer account management, and complex product line management.  Most e–commerce websites also display if the particular product which the online shopper is viewing is available in stock or is out of stock

DART also designs and develops highly customized e-commerce websites, which could either be a B2C or a B2B website.  DART provides clutter free, simple to navigate, and visually appealing e-commerce websites.  We help your company define the product lines in the best possible manner, so that shoppers easily find what they are looking for.  We focus on creating the navigation panel, and in creating broad categories in the e-commerce website, which allow shoppers to understand how to move across in the website.

DART encourages the use of large pictures, so that shoppers can view the product from all angles, before deciding to buy it.  We provide clean code solutions, interactive designs, and pixel perfect design conversions.  This lends credibility to your e-commerce website, and drives sales.  After the website is designed and developed, DART also helps in promoting your e-commerce website on social media, search engines, other e-commerce websites, etc.  We take up digital advertising, internet marketing, PPC and SEO to bring your website to the front, and we make sure your website is visible to a larger audience.  We have gained exposure to different types of e-commerce businesses.  With the use of advanced technologies, and rigorous business strategies, we make sure your e-commerce site registers high conversion rates.

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