Technology Services


Website development is part of technology services, and our team design and develop website to promote your business.  Nowadays, even small companies are investing in building a website to promote their business.  Companies that have websites are easily identified by consumers, and find better business based on such information.  A well designed website instills confidence in the minds of the consumers.  Hence maintaining a website has become a bare necessity for companies.

DART provides website development for brick and mortar companies and for e-commerce ventures.  We also develop mobile websites, suitable for browsing in smartphones.  Mobile websites are the compact version of the desktop websites.  DART also provides web hosting services.  After designing and developing the websites, DART hosts the websites on the internet.  DART ensures that your website is well designed with keyword rich content, attractive visuals, simple navigation panel etc. which will lead to higher popularity of your website.  After designing, developing and hosting your website, DART promotes website through social media and search engines optimization.

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