Mobile Website Development


Mobile websites are available to be used on hand held devices including smartphones.  The technical aspects of mobile website are different from a desktop based website.  Generally, the mobile websites are compact versions of desktop websites.  Smartphones are used to access the web on the go for purposes like entertainment, work, or for paying their bills and this trend are growing.  A mobile website can drive your company’s revenues and also increase your customer base.  A mobile website makes it easier for your customers to locate you.  Currently, Google and other search engines support three different mobile website configurations –


  • Websites with responsive design: one URL to serve the same HTML to both mobile and desktop devices but using CSS to alter the page rendering according to the device.
  • Dynamic serving sites: one URL that serves different HTML and CSS depending on the user agent.
  • Separate mobile URLs: every desktop URL will have an equivalent mobile-optimized URL


DART provides all three kinds of configurations.  DART develops mobile websites that can be compatible for all types of smartphones including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, or Windows.  We deliver simple, easy to use, less cluttered mobile websites.  We understand that a mobile website should not replace your desktop site.  DART delivers mobile websites that highlight the most important aspects of the desktop, and make it easy to read, navigate, and view pictures.  We develop mobile websites that allow users to interact with the mobile site, like asking question, making a purchase, and paying bills.  We also optimize the images per the required screen height, width and pixel ratios.  We also provide the click to call feature on the mobile website that allows users to make a call directly by clicking on a phone number given in a mobile website


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